Jimmy Lee's humble beginnings started 20 years ago when he began working as a cook in Toronto's Korea Town neighbourhood. He quickly developed a sense for business and culinary expertise, as he dreamed of one day opening his own chain of restaurants.


After working in several popular Korean & Japanese restaurants, he opened his first restaurant in 2002. Since then, Jimmy has opened two successful restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area. 


Rebekha Sushi is inspired by his daughter Rebekha, who's love of sushi motivated him to focus on Japanese style cuisine. 

"I like the idea of cooking Japanese food coming from a South Korean perspective, staying true to the traditional while bringing my own twist! My goal at the Eglinton West location is to focus on bringing consistent and approachable service, creating food the locals can always count on!"

For any press or media related inquiries please leave detailed message at: rebekhasushi2go@gmail.com


executive chef/ owner